Defend Yourself Against an Attacker

Women’s self-defense classes in Huntington Beach, CA

Do you want to learn how to successfully protect yourself against an assailant? Black Belt Center USA offers women’s self-defense classes though the Women Empowered® program. You’ll learn Jiu-Jitsu techniques to defend yourself when your safety is threatened by an attacker.

Follow the three-step process to earn your Pink Belt

Our three-step process will have you well on your way to mastering a variety of self-defense moves:

  • Learn the techniques: The 15 Women Empowered® techniques are divided into 10 one-hour classes. Feel free to start at any point in the course and complete the classes in any order, at your own pace. Keep track of your progress along the way with a Women Empowered® attendance card.
  • Develop your reflexes: After completing each of the 10 Women Empowered® lessons twice, you’ll move on to Reflex Development (RD) classes. Learn how to combine the 15 techniques to address the most common situations in real self-defense circumstances.
  • Earn your Pink Belt: After completing the Women Empowered® lessons four times and taking at least four RD classes, you’ll complete a 15-minute test to earn your Pink Belt. The test will evaluate your execution of all 15 techniques.
Once you earn your Pink Belt, you can continue practicing Gracie Jiu-Jitsu in the Gracie Combatives® program. Get started today and sign up for your first women’s self-defense class in Huntington Beach, CA.